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Roulette with low wagering

If you play Roulette online, you’ll know just how hard it is to find a casino that offers you a bonus that you can actually use to play Roulette with. Most will quite openly say that bonuses can only be used on Slots. Others will say they welcome Roulette players, then make the wagering ridiculously high by saying that Roulette only contributes 10% towards the wagering – so, for example, if the basic wagering is 30x the deposit and bonus, Roulette players have to wager 300x!

These figures are very carefully calculated so, as you can guess, the number of times you have to wager is designed to bring you firmly into the level where the House Edge is back in the casino’s favour. In other words, you’re unlikely to walk away with anything.

How refreshing, then, to find a casino that a) allows Roulette players to claim a bonus and b) doesn’t penalise them with ridiculous wagering requirements and/or a low contributory percentage.

Gala casino are currently offering Roulette players a 50% match on their first deposit up to a maximum bonus of £100 (i.e. deposit £200, play with £300). BUT the wagering is just 30x – low by any standard, but remarkably low for Roulette!

Not only that, you can also claim a 50% bonus up to £100 on your second and third deposits, with the same low wagering requirement.

So in total you could claim £400 in Roulette bonuses, and be free to enjoy them on the game, without being made to feel like you’re somehow abusing the system because you don’t like the mindless repetition of Slots!

If you’re a Roulette player, who wants to explore the multitude of Roulette systems and strategies we describe on this site, Gala casino are offering you the best Roulette bonus out there!

And, if it takes your fancy, they’re also offering a similar bonus for Blackjack.

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