Hello! My name is Elisabeth and this is my archive and playground. This domain got registered during a creative crisis in the summer of 2008. I managed to start posting something anyway. A couple of weeks later, I discovered a poem called «Crayon Crisis», that could well have been my inspiration for the name. From Let’s Go: “Somewhere Else” — Poems from the muddled mind of Richard Myers:

Crayon Crisis

I’ve lost my yellow crayon
So I cannot make the sun.
I have almost all my crayons,
But not the yellow one.

A picture needs a yellow sun
To brighten up the day,
Without a yellow sun it seems
Colored pictures aren’t okay.

Johnny makes his suns with orange
But I don’t think that’s right,
Orange suns appear at twilight
When it is almost night.

That gives me an idea.
I’ll make the picture of the night,
I won’t need my yellow crayon,
No sun will be in sigh.

I’ll turn my picture over
And make a new one on the back,
I’ll show how things look at night—
Good grief! I don’t have black.